Recording Rates are as Follows


As times have changed so has how we base our rates. Every session is unique and we want to continue to accommodate every client with the best we have to offer. Therefore, tell us about your project and we can give you a realistic price.



Note: New clients are required to make a 50% deposit one week prior to the session. Deposit is refundable up to 48 hours before the scheduled session.

Editing, Tuning & Soundscape Rates


When it comes to tuning vocals, our philosophy is more than just pitch; how you approach and exit a note is equally as important.  We tune with Melodyne and Revoice Pro. • rates vary 

Regarding Mix Rates


Every mix is different, track count style and client expectations are all considerations. Grammy award mixer Brian Yaskulka will quote 

**rates may vary on a song by song and/or poject basis.

Production Agreements


Save significantly by having us do all your production. Prices vary from project to project so call or schedule an appointmant for a personalized quote.